Kadiata – “Goodnight”

Samuel Conley, 4 years ago
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South London emcee Kadiata is on a personal and musical journey. Formally known as the UK Pop-Rap artist Clixx (who once-upon-a-time performed on track with the currently-killing-it Little Simz), Kaddy’s fresh and vastly improved sound transverses into rarely-touched upon territory for London music, representing a deeper, more immersive (and decidedly much more mature) sound than past releases. Self identifying his sound to Noisey (who premiered his new video) as a “type of alternative trap”, Kadiata has this week dropped a new video for impressively different track “goodnight”. Using the setting of a dystopian and slightly futuristic South London housing estate as the backdrop, Kaddy delivers two UK-rap-scene-critical verses with a simple but catchy hook, with enough substance to stand out among the saturated crowd of UK internet rap.

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