KEEZ – Water Creatures (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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Before you read about this next album, I dare you to name your three favourite genres, because I bet that one, if not all three, are present on KEEZ‘s Water Creatures. From reggae to dance to electronic to pop to alternative to hip-hop to … should I continue? KEEZ is ready to go there and come back again. This record isn’t so much all over the place as it is a smooth transition, an exploration of genre.

As proof, let me first present an album highlight, a little hip-hop, ultra-pop track called “YesMaybe” which at once is reminiscent of some of today’s top hits, while also critiquing them, as heard explicitly in M0sley W0tta’s lyrics. But I’m jumping ahead. “YesMaybe” actually seems to signify a shift in the 17-track album. The funky opener, “Motorcycle” blends into the inspirational “Wake Up Calm”, which moves into the darker “Killed4Profit”. Electronic melodies begin to seep into “Give N Take” and continue into the inventive rhythm of “The Game”.

The transitioning throughout is a thing of greatness, but let’s not forget the crafting that went into the tracks as individual pieces. “Paradise” returns to reggae vibes, but with an edge of experience, of development. The harmonizing vocals make this track another highlight. KEEZ also plays with atmosphere, creating a cosmic quality to “Off Grid”, and a dark, baritoned energy to “Zood”. “JackNJill” showcases a carefully crafted talent for piano, while “Characters” summarizes the album on a musical level, and “BadFever” seems to tie together lyrical themes.

Overall, Water Creatures is a ride that is nothing short of enjoyable. If you want to hear more from KEEZ, you can check out the SoundCloud and BandCamp pages, or follow the band on Facebook for news.

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