Kevin Garrett – ‘Mellow Drama’ (EP)

Topher Davis, 4 years ago
EP & Mixtapes ,

Pittsburgh-born, Brooklyn-established singer/songwriter, Kevin Garrett, released a soulful EP titled, Mellow Drama, three days ago. The Roc Nation signee dives deep into his feelings from the jump with “Coloring”, a track devoted to the “pit-in-your-stomach” feeling you get when you’re wishing for that someones presence but they aren’t, or just can’t be around. Garrett is a talented vocalist and writer and has the uncanny ability to put the listener (quote-unquote) in their feelings. The combination of the heartfelt lyrics and calming production create a vibe, which the title of the project suits perfectly. Expect to see the name Kevin Garrett popping up more in the near future as this tape catches on. Mellow Drama is worth the listen, and can be streamed here.

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