KiD RAiN – “Say Yes” (Video)

@NewSickMusic, 4 months ago
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Rising artist KiD RAiN breaks onto the NewSickMusic pages with visuals for his high energy sing-along indie pop banger ‘Say Yes’.

“Say Yes has a very personal spot in my heart because believe it or not, by the time I was 19 years young I had already proposed to 12 people and 2 animals. They all liked me I think but apparently the “timing wasn’t right” haha you get it. Haven’t seen them since but it’s cool. Anyway this song is about realising you’ve found “the one” and praying they don’t reject you like the 12 other people and 2 animals before them.” 

KiD RAiN’s vibrant personality is reflected in the incredible music video which was spontaneously shot in the most colourful village in the world whilst on holiday in Bali.

Check out the “Say Yes” video above and be sure to follow KiD RAiN on Spotify to stay up on all future releases.

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