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Kaitlin Ruether, 5 years ago
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With a background touching on each of the fine arts and experience as a healer, Meniyka Kiravell is an artist of purity, and you can hear it in her music. Vaudevellia! is a collection of songs that play with jazz and world music influences and dabble with pace experimentation and piano and vocal interweaving. Each song was released individually with its own artwork and story, which you can find on Kiravell’s website.

Despite the individual releases, the album feels intricately tied together. “Pache Mama”, a spoken word poetic track with a danceable piano jam beneath it, melts into “Charge”, which seems almost a second part to the song, but with Kiravell’s vocals turning to melody. “Aladin” is a pop-ish fun track sung in French. The drive of the percussion brings out the beauty of the language. “Yello Hazy”, the first single, features Kiravell’s best vocal performance on the album. The world music qualities turn to smooth jazz and the vocals drizzle smoothly over. “Delta” and “Veiled Lady” continue this trend of pace-playing and seductive, inviting vocals.

“1st Light” shows Kiravell’s love of surfing and the ocean, but creates tension between the playful vocals and serious piano. In “Mire” something shifts. Reminiscent of Suzanne Vega’s less-is-more style, there is a great vocal focus and catchy atmosphere. The rise of strings is perfectly on time. The last track, “Wash”, features hints of each of the album’s strengths encapsulated in one track. The repetitions of “It’s all right” allow the album a final chord to strike before a long, carefully woven instrumental finale.

Each song on the album has a video you can see on Kiravell’s YouTube channel. Vaudevellia! will be released on July 27th, along with a CD of the instrumentals. To keep up with this multi-talented artist, check out her website, Facebook, and SoundCloud pages.


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