Kirrah Amosa – “Undefeated” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 months ago
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Many songs with an inspirational message sound grand and resounding and, well, joyful. It can feel like positive messages exist in a genre of their own, instead of working in darker, more authentic spaces. Kirrah Amosa manages to bring her message through a darker and more chill ambiance. 

After dealing with anxiety and working to find coping mechanisms, Amosa wrote “Undefeated”, a song that pushes those who are struggling to reach out. The Australian songwriter and R&B artist wants you to know there is no weakness in that choice. For her own part, Amosa found help through exercise, a tactic that is showcased in the video. 

“Undefeated” isn’t just about reaching out; the song pushes the listener to think about all their past successes and draw from those memories in the face of adversity. With slick beats and even slicker vocals — Amosa’s voice seems to move where it wants, pushing steady before the rhythmic chorus — the song is soft and intense at once. There is a power in straddling both. 

Featured in the clip — which shows Amosa boxing and standing regal on a building with a gorgeous view stretched out behind her — is the Flyweight Youth National and Oceania Champion, Monique. Who better to showcase the power and strength of the video, which places a particular emphasis on the strength of women. 

Kirrah Amosa is taking over the scene, and you’ll want to get on board with her before she comes your way. To hear more from the artist, you can find her on her Youtube, SoundCloud, and Facebook page.

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