Kunta’s Groove Sessions Hits All-Time Sales in New York City

Lauren Bobek, 3 years ago
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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Kendrick Lamar‘s Kunta’s Groove Sessions is nearly sold out in every city it’s hitting in the next week. But it has been reported to us that tickets at Webster Hall for his show in New York City are astronomically high–currently the cheapest ticket available is $563. And after having the privilege myself of being able to see Kendrick’s first installment of Kunta’s Groove Sessions in Atlanta this past week, I completely understand why ticket sales are sky-rocketing.

What makes this situation so insane is that it’s a General Admission ticket, and ever since the guys at Rukkus began monitoring ticket prices, they’ve never seen a GA event with prices this high. Is it a combination of King Kendrick himself, the popularity of To Pimp a Butterfly, and the sheer excitement of his first time performing in nearly three years? I’d say so.

Kendrick’s genuine demeanor was obvious in his performance. Accompanied by his backing band The Wesley Theory (yes, like the song), Kunta’s Groove Sessions really lived up to its name. Not only did it feel like an authentic jazz show, the performance was truly intimate between Kendrick and his crowd. In a soulful string of melodies, he intertwined songs from both To Pimp a Butterfly and good kid, m.A.A.d city. The show was priceless and went beyond every expectation he set for himself.

At the same time, Kendrick’s fan (or as he says, his family) are clearly willing to pay a large lump sum to see him live. Most of his other cities on the tour are averaging at about $110. What do you guys think, would you be willing to pay half a grand to see your favorite rapper in NYC?


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