Kyla Imani – “Sitting Up in My Room” ft. Jay Critch (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 11 months ago
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Kyla Imani is an artist that exudes lightness. With a voice that lifts and swings, a look that inspires, and a smile that steals the show — this is an artist with a magnetism that comes from her mix of talent and honesty. So when her latest track, “Sitting Up in my Room”, begins with an off-kilter, almost haunting melody made by ominous piano and a brassy element, you know the juxtaposition is about to slay.

The track is candid in its modernity. Sometimes you just gotta wait for that call or text and try to convince yourself not to obsess over it — but most of the time turning off that part of yourself is impossible, especially when you’re young. Shown in her bedroom, on a gorgeous rooftop as the sun sets, and bathed in red light, Imani smiles as she sings, but the atmosphere, just like the song, is more complex than at first it seems. The track spins upwards again with the inclusion of Jay Critch, who has been heralded as “the new face of New York City hip-hop”. His own youthful energy balances Imani’s, and the track comes together as a full piece: a mood complete.

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