Lara Taubman taps into geography and lessons learned on debut record Revelation

Kaitlin Ruether, 6 months ago
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Past work as a visual arts critic and curator brought Lara Taubman around the world, though she never let go of her Appalachian Mountain roots. It wasn’t long before her creative endeavours made New York City home, but this artist is not one to sit still. 

Now located on Wolfe Island in Ontario, Canada, Taubman has a farm and a new creative community, centred by Wolfe Island Records, the label that drew Taubman from the visual realm to something more melodic. 

Inspired by her roots and current location, Lara Taubman is tapping into Americana and folk to fuel her tunes. Violin, gentle plucking, and sweet melodies pervade Revelation, her debut record. “Desert Boy” is all warmth and expansive imagery, while “Cold Side of Spring” brings a country-staple narrative of a youthful escape up the highway. 

It’s clear that Taubman has a gift for narrative. “The Conversation” depicts an encounter with an old friend and a chat about change, what we can learn from others, and love. “Snakes in the Snow” is the record’s pivotal peak: the most risks are taken in the primal percussion and lower registers as the lyrics spin the tale of Persephone and her struggle against Hades and the underworld. 

Although this track is starkly otherworldly, most of the songs on the record are all-too-human, with heartbreak a returning theme and even a late-night dance pulse to propel “Hookup”. But in the final track, Lara Taubman returns to her key theme: “Love is so simple and that’s been my revelation.” The warmth and nostalgia rises as the musicality opts for heart-plucking minimalism. 

To hear more from Lara Taubman, you can find her on her website, Bandcamp, and Facebook page. You can also follow her on Twitter.

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