LA’s Son Kuma Releases Summer-Ready Debut Single, “Drink This”

JonFromJersey, 2 years ago
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Son Kuma just released his debut single, “Drink This.” The fun, self-produced jam is perfect anthem for those late Summer nights. The 20-year-old, Stanford University student has this to say about the record:
“I just wanted to make a catchy banger that people could bump at parties. I found it funny how a lot of my first interactions with the women I liked were at parties. It always felt kinda backward considering the next morning I’d forget all of the small details about them or worse, even meeting them. 
As the song persists, in the narrative I’m getting more and more drunk, which is why the outro of the song is slowed down; to represent how drunk I’ve ended up getting.”
Listen to Son Kuma’s breezy “Drink This” song below, and support on iTunes here.

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