Leah Haxhi – “Fade”

JonFromJersey, 4 years ago
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Leah Haxhi is a NYC singer/songwriter who blends powerful blues-like vocals and ad-libs over pop, hip hop and electronic- infused beats. I admit, it was almost a challenge to label a genre on her music for this post. However, that is the awesome thing about Leah Haxhi, and her song entitled “Fade.” The young songstress has also shared the official video for the single, which you can view below.

In the Soundcloud caption, Leah states: “I wrote this song last year on my birthday. I was in the studio free-styling and picturing myself flying down the highway with my boyfriend at the time just listening to music on the way to the beach, fading away into that moment of complete contentment and happiness. This song is an expression of that feeling, no matter what you’re doing in life.”

Leah’s vocals are soulful and tranquil as she reels listeners in with this inviting Mike Irish-produced single. You can definitely share “Fade,” with that significant other that leaves you lost for words as you stare in awe (Your welcome). Make sure you follow Leah and check out the “Fade”  music video below!

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