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Ryan Pod, 6 years ago
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Georgia emcee Leif Womack is a young artist who caught the attention of the NSM staff right from the jump. With inspirational songs and a type of social awareness that is rarely seen in hip-hop, Leif sets himself apart from 99% of the rappers out today. I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to sit down and catch up with the homie Leifer.

Ryan: Let’s take it back to the beginning. Tell us about your introduction to the game. When did you start making music? And what made you gravitate towards hip hop?

Leif: Man, I was introduced to hip hop FULLY when I first moved to a city school in my hometown. One of my best friends would freestyle every day we’d hang out. And me, being a super competitive person, I had to try. This was like 7th grade and ever since I dropped my first wack ass freestyle I’ve been in love with it. I was always interested in creating my own poetry before music was my thing. So hearing guys like Jay Z, Biggie, Pac, Wayne, Kanye (and so many more) made me really feel like I could take what I wanted to express and rap about it. The more I learned about hip hop, the more I learned of it’s roots and what it represents. I’ve really gained a huge appreciation for it since and I do my best to try to push the culture forward.

Ryan: Who are your biggest influences – musically speaking?

Leif: Kid Cudi hands down. The MOTM album saved my life and I owe Cudi so much for that. I have to tell him when I meet him… (haha). Others would be like, The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kanye West, Jimi Hendrix, among so many others.

Ryan: Is there more to Leif Womack than spitting hot fire? Do you play any instruments, produce music, draw?

Leif: I am going to be one of the best rappers of my generation… but it’s deeper than rap. It’s about just creating in general. I don’t play any instruments… yet. I have recently jumped in the production game and I actually finished up my first full creation production – writing, recording. So maybe we’ll get a NSM premiere with that, who knows. I don’t draw or paint on the reg but my desire to create has grown to a point where creating SOMETHING is all I want to do. Any kind of content as long as it presents ideas that disrupt people’s normal modes of thinking and feeling.

Ryan: That’s deep. If you could work with any artist today, who would it be and why?

Leif: Kanye West. I truly feel I am meant to be a part of the GOOD Music team with Cudi, Sean, CyHi and all those guys. I’d want to work with Kanye because I admire his creativity and strong desire to really change shit and not accept life how it is. I can’t wait tbh.

Ryan: I saw that you recently linked up with Raury when he was back in GA for RaurFest. How did that come about? And can we expect a Leif X Raury collaboration in the future?

Leif: That was really tight haha. Raur posted on IG that he’d be in Stone Mountain (his hometown) hanging out and stuff leading up to Raurfest. He posted a time to be there and said anyone was welcome. My partner and I have been trying to connect with him for a minute, so we were actually the first to show up and meet him. We got to climb Stone Mountain with him, he gave me the opportunity to rap for him and his fans on top of the mountain and from there we were invited by his team to come out to Raurfest. Which was FUCKING AWESOME. Andre 3000 was there and yeah… legendary. I’d say don’t count a Raury x itsleifer collab out at all.


Ryan: What are your interests outside of music? How do you spend your time when you aren’t writing/recording?

Leif: Hmm, I love these kind of questions haha. Honestly my interest is life. Being alive. Breathing. Being around like minded, ambitious people. I also spend a huge amount of time alone, developing my mind and striving to grow into the person I see myself being. Our lives are moving faster than we’re aware of and we’re not spending enough of that time building ourselves into the humans we need to be to really flourish. I do a lot of studying I guess you could say. But not the kind you do in school…. haha.

ME: What are you currently listening to? Who do you listen to in your free time?

Leif: Don’t really stay super in tune with pop culture and stuff but a good friend of mine made a CD for me, like a year ago, with all her favorite songs and they’re all fire. Songs from people like Brett Dennen, John Mayer, Kid Cudi, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Biggie Smalls, Blind Lemon, Led Zeppelin, and so many more really sick artists. That’s in my car every day so it’s mostly what I listen to, haha.

Ryan: It’s no secret that most of your music is very positive and thought-provoking. What is the general underlying message that you want to share with the world through your music?


Ryan: If you won a Grammy tomorrow. Who would you thank during your acceptance speech?

Leif: I’d thank my mom, my best friend Josh and Allah. And that Grammy is coming.

Ryan: I don’t doubt it! Lastly, what can we expect from Leifer in the near future? Is there an album in the works? Any upcoming tour news? Merch?

Leif: Yeah I’m working on creating a full project that I’m way excited about. Something I’m not trying to force but am really eager to manifest. Working on music every day and trying to show the world I got the juice they just gotta wake up and listen, haha. We’re working on tour opportunities. I got some news for some potential college performances soon so we’ll see what comes of that and yes to merch. My partner and I have developed our first line under the clothing branch of The CURE Collective. The line is called ‘Mind is Power’ and we’re preparing our first shirt release for very very soon. We’re really excited about it. Hopefully when the time comes we can get some to the NSM team.

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