Leondro – “Hunnit” (New Sick Music Premiere)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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The fierce sounds of an organ waste no time pulling a listener into Leondro‘s lively new track, “Hunnit”, which celebrates an iconic record label, Cash Money Records, and its influence on the 90s. A pleasing off-kilter melody permeates the track as Leondro’s smooth lyrics weave in and out with an incredible precision. The perfect offering for the label that saw the success of so many legends, including Juvenile and Lil Wayne, and continues to represent some of the hottest names on the scene.

Leondro grew up in Toronto and watched his mother work tirelessly for his and his sibling’s well-being. When he was five, his mother gave him a karaoke machine, and a lifelong love of music was born. Years of living on the edge and run-ins with the law created a somber, edgy sound in Leondro’s music, but when he realized he wanted to go farther, be more than his experiences and change the game, he shifted to the more upbeat sound you hear today. A little bit of pop, a little bit of trap, and a whole lot of energy. Like his music, his future is looking bright, driven, and fun.

To hear more from Leondro, check out his Facebook page, SoundCloud and Twitter.

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