Lewis Del Mar – ‘Lewis Del Mar’ (Album Preview)

Billy Morehouse, 3 years ago

Lewis Del Mar is a duo from Rockaway Beach, New York City. Consisting of singer/guitarist Danny Miller, and drummer/producer Max Harwood. Their self titled debut album uses acoustic guitar licks, synthesizers and alternative folk lyrics. My favorite tracks are “Loud(y)”, “Malt Liquor”, “Painting (Masterpiece)” and “Tap Water Drinking”. This project flows perfectly start to finish, not a single moment is worthy of skipping. Every song taps into the discreetly relatable emotions felt in young adults, resulting in the perfect sound for alternative pop playlists. This album is really, really good. Lewis Del Mar is going to be around for awhile.

Listen to a preview of the album above or stream the full project via iTunes/Apple Music and be sure to follow Lewis Del Mar on Twitter! MUST SEE LIVE!

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