Lex Low – “In The Morning”

Chris Tanner, 4 years ago
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NSM favorite, Lex Low, completes the ‘Mystery‘ EP with the release of his new track, “In The Morning”. Written while working on his previous EP, ‘Infatuation‘, Lex felt as though the subject matter, as well as the accoustic/electro-pop sound that is found on “In The Morning” would mesh better with the ‘Mystery‘ EP. During a recent interview with BBC Radio London the singer had this to say of the song:

In The Morning was written when I was coming up with the songs for the last EP – ‘Infatuation’. You can kind of hear that the sound fits with that EP sonically but it didn’t really go in terms of feel. The last EP was primarily about being happy in a relationship and this is more raw – how you feel right after you’ve had an argument. You’re lying there in bed, still angry, thinking about leaving before they wake up or going on a long walk through the city in the middle of the night. In terms of production, it’s pretty stripped back – unembellished. There isn’t really any bass through the song just those big distorted 808 sub kicks through the chorus. The verse is just a guitar over a sparse beat – the applause in the prechorus is sarcastic. Like when a football player claps a referee for making a bad decision. We’ve all done it in an argument with someone we love then instantly regretted it. It’s worse than being outright offensive or rude. I think it completes the arc of the EP – it won’t necessarily be the last song on the EP in terms of running order but it fills out the story. A relationship can’t evolve without intense arguments. You’re better off in the end having had them, it allows you to get passed all the shit that’s preventing you from moving forwards. I wanted to put some of the aftermath of that on the EP.

Check out the ‘Mystery‘ EP via Soundcloud and be sure to follow Lex on Twitter to stay up on all future news.

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