Lido takes on major labels in his latest track. Listen to it here.

Lido – Here (Thoughts From A Tour Bus)

Natalie Barman, 5 years ago
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Lido’s caught the blues. The Norwegian producer recently had his SoundCloud account frozen after major labels complained about his many remixes, leading him to express his frustrations on Twitter. He called out the music industry for “declaring war on SC [SoundCloud]” and”f***ing their own artists over,” and announced that he would try to put out one final remix before his album is released.

Well, true to his word, Lido uploaded his version of an Alessia Cara song, titled “Here (Thoughts From A Tour Bus),” on a new SoundCloud account. Lido himself sings about his issues with big labels and dissatisfaction with touring over a part-blues, part-electronic beat. The transparent lyrics aren’t surprising coming from such a humble artist, but they’re still refreshing to hear in this business-driven world. Listen to it above.

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