Lil B – “Soul Food”

Samuel Conley, 5 years ago
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In the midst of upholding his infamous (and quite scarily effective) curses on ballers Kevin Durant and James Harden, Based God Lil B has been unfortunately been recently slacking on the music front, with no new releases since last October’s Ultimate Bitch, constituting one of the most serious famines of Based God music in recent history.

Thankfully we have some new work from the Californian rapper with this week’s “Soul Food” from the upcoming Thugged Out Pissed Off mixtape.

The new video allows us an introspective view of the life of the Based God, with us joining him in smoking blunts in grocery stores and washing his money at the launderette. Like all things Lil B, it’s weird and fantastically wonderful, and we’re really hoping this has been congratulatory enough for him not to curse this site…

Watch Lil B’s New Video For “Soul Food” Above.

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