Lila Blue – “Grown Bones” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 10 months ago
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Lila Blue’s latest clip opens with poem. The imagery is of death’s ominous presence, fear and acceptance melding into one. It sets a gothic tone for Blue to smash against as she lets her voice slither and strike, and her melody attach itself inside your skull. 

“Grown Bones” is a force. Strings climb anxiously as Lila Blue delivers scorched-then-soft vocals, reminiscent of the unwieldy power of Fiona Apple. This song is angry, passionate, made for and from big emotions. 

In visual contrast, we see Lila Blue in a white dress in the desolation of Joshua Tree National Park. It’s all sun and heat here. As her motions break between rhythmic and jolted, we understand this is a place of magic. The land is a fuel and the sky is something infinite to be reached for. Quick-cut editing underscores the sense of possession that permeates the clip. The music weaves around everything, then concludes with a trickle of water. A release.

To hear more from Lila Blue, you can find her on her website, Spotify, and Facebook page. You can also follow her on Twitter for more music and news.

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