Lindi Ortega – “Til the Goin’ Gets Gone”

Shane Longoria, 2 years ago
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Canadian country artist Lindi Ortega found herself at a crossroads after her fantastic 2015 LP Faded Gloryville. As her deal with her label was coming to an end, Ortega had to ask herself if she could continue to manage the burdensome life of being a struggling singer-songwriter.

After much contemplation, Ortega decided that she had to continue making music, and the result is “Til the Goin’ Gets Gone,” the first single off her forthcoming EP of the same name. The single, like the EP, takes a more stripped back approach, highlighting Ortega’s eerie, haunting vocals. The EP was developed mostly through fan engagement, as people were suggesting Ortega do something more acoustic and laid back. Only four tracks in length, Ortega has hinted that Til the Goin’ Gets Gone may be her final project.

It’s uncertain whether or not we’ll be getting new music from the phenomenal artist much longer, so let’s all just appreciate her while we can. Watch the lyric video above and pick up Til the Goin’ Gets Gone on March 17.

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