Lindi Ortega – “Til the Goin’ Gets Gone” (EP)

Shane Longoria, 3 years ago
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Lindi Ortega’s new EP is finally here. Til the Goin’ Gets Gone, an acoustic offering from Ortega, finds the Canadian singer-songwriter contemplating endings.

After the release of her last full-length record, Faded Gloryville, Ortega thought it might be time to call it quits, and there has been some speculation about where Ortega will go from here.

Cuts like the eerie “Final Bow” have Ortega pondering the idea of leaving music altogether, singing one last song before her final bow. The EP follows this theme of all things running their course, having their time, and eventually coming to pass; and Ortega’s songwriting articulates these themes in superb fashion. “Waiting ‘Round to Die,” a marvelous cover of Townes Van Zandt, fits right in with Ortega’s themes of mortality and endings, and she gives the song that very haunting Lindi Ortega touch.

Succint, dark, and altogether dazzling, Til the Goin’ Gets Gone is a much welcomed return for the country artist, and she has confirmed there will be another full length record coming soon, so we have much more to expect from Ortega and company.

Stream the EP above.


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