Lindsay Kupser – Quiet Songs (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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Lindsay Kupser is a Canadian singer-songwriter set on taking tranquility to a new level. Her music is ethereal, melancholy, and dabbles in unreality while keeping gracefully attached to this world — as if the EP is a helium balloon tethered only by a thin string. For example, in the opening track of Quiet Songs, titled “All of My Bones Broke on Thursday Evening“, she switches between the magic image of life being inextricably tied to a photograph and that of absently shopping in a mall. The song tapers out tragically (as many on this EP do) with the repetition of “maybe the problem is me”.

In fact, the juxtaposition of Kupser’s beatific vocals and the somber lyrics she has written provide the greatest driving force within Quiet Songs. “Couldn’t Move to Brooklyn” uses a piano line to develop a haunted sound while the vocals sparkle. “It Is My Turn” develops imagery of fire and pain, while “Tough Country” explores the universal challenges of ageing and looking to the past for answers. By “Everything Feels So Hard Always” I wanted something larger, something grand without ruining the unity of Quiet Songs, and it came in the swelling of Lindsay Kupser’s voice amidst the simplest instrumental line yet. It was this track that strikes as the most catchy, the most honest in terms of lyrics. It is this track that perfectly closes the experience that is Quiet Songs.

To hear more from Lindsay Kupser, check out her website, Facebook page, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.


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