Listen to Daruma Vol. 004: a 17-track future bass frenzy

Paula Truscott, 5 years ago
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Words. They’re overrated. As a full-time writer, you’d think I’d be down wit em. Oh, to the contrary – there’s nothing sweeter than the sound one makes when they STFU. So for me, future bass is the perfect musical preference and Daruma Vol. 004 is the perfect productive playlist. Research shows the best background music for creative types is anything with minimal lyrics, giving my playlist picks the big thumbs up. But having said that, research is overrated too.

Anyway – back to the playlist. It’s fucking LIT. If you haven’t the slightest clue wtf Daruma is, it’s the name of a bearded, red Japanese Dharma doll modeled on the founder of the Buddhist Zen sect. Also, Daruma is a collective of producers featuring some of the finest future bass beatmakers you have or haven’t yet heard of, including Andrew Luce, Baht, Luca Lush and AIRWAV, just to name a few. The collective has just released their fourth playlist featuring 17 forward-thinking tracks, all of which put the beats to the forefront. The minimal lyrics are mostly in the form of samples and really just garnish the already interesting and incredible instrumentals.

You can take a geeze at the rest of the roster and hear the other 3 Daruma volumes here on their Soundcloud.


  1. Electric Mantis – Estimate
  2. Yung Death Ray – Never Stop
  3. AIRWAV – Only A Thought
  4. Enschway & Kuren – Taking Hold
  5. C Y G N – Pop A Cherry
  6. Baht – Pop That
  7. Zero Tap & Holly – By The Throat
  8. Strehlow – Bad Genie
  9. T1R & Swindail – Merce
  10. Lege Kale – Syzurp (w/ KMB, OY & Amazing Prophet)
  11. Andrew Luce – Together
  12. Troy Samuela – Lost In The Sauce
  13. SubtomiK ft. Dr Derg – Back To The Block
  14. Luminate – Glaciers
  15. strngr. – left behind
  16. Cettle – Answer
  17. Gylzey – Repose


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