Little Shells – 5 Deep Under (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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Conchita Campos is not new to making music. With two albums behind her and a BA in Electronic Music Composition, this artist is comfortable in her form, and it shows. Her project, Little Shells, (which comes from the english translation of her name) is a purely New York incarnation. With a host of collaborations with New York artists and a style as undefinable as a city (but just as complex and breathtaking), Little Shells’ album 5 Deep Under demands to be listened to over and over.

Circus-like chaos begins the album but breaks and makes way for the pure and gentle voice of Campos. “Another Night” is a brave bit of experimentation-gone-right. The track is refreshingly busy. Second track, “Haik (god of the sea)”, brings poetry carried on a breeze, while “Feet on the Ground” provides darker, jazzier urgency with the tick, tick, ticking of clock-like percussion. The title track arrives with an addictive catchiness. A slow dance in a pitch black room, there is just enough bitterness here to linger.

“I’ll Remain” is the lead single from the album. A simpler track that highlights Conchita’s vocals and piano skills. You might, while listening to it, be surprised at her electronic music background. You can listen to the song above for a taste of the moody and addicting nature of Little Shells’ music.

“Lola’s Song” continues with the slower mood, allowing “When They’re Gone” to shine. An album highlight, this track carries careful plucking and perfectly timed bursts of sound. “Goodnight” makes for an album closer that seems to address the chaos that 5 Deep Under began with by doing the opposite. As peaceful as its name, the track, and album, go down without fanfare. Bonus track “Ease My Mind” keeps the energy on the lower side, but gives one final jazzy taste of what Little Shells is capable of.

5 Deep Under was released on April 1oth and can be heard on Little Shells’ website. Little Shells can also be found on SoundCloud. Check out Conchita Campos on Facebook or her own website for more news from the mastermind behind this stunning project.


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