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Logwitch – Trail of the Contortionist (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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Garrett Arnhold is a fan of the fantastical. Crafting EDM music infused with dynamism and ambiance, and with no shortage of magic weaved into the drum and bass hums and drops, his project Logwitch is EDM for believers. 

Beginning with a surprising wave of ominous energy in “The First Moment: At the Edge Looking In”, Logwitch finds the place between delicate piano melodies and fearful background effects. It’s an introduction that is loaded with promises. Album highlight “The 2nd Glance: Askew” brings high energy with need-to-dance drums that flourish and bring the track to life. As the album unfolds, “The 3rd Vision: Darkness” brings that afore-promised magic and taunts drops. The up-and-down waves and the war-cry vocalization heralds a stream of more classically EDM tracks.

“The 4th Hour: Duplicity” is urgency in sonic form. From beeping effects to rave-inducing strings, the track somehow makes orchestral composition the missing ingredient of your next party. “The 5th Mistake: Residual” and “The 6th Dream: Hypothermia” continue the trend before “The 7th Meeting: Turbid” brings back the delicate keys. Perfectly placed on the album, the song breaks down two minutes in, but keeps up the lazy groove. “The Last Thought: At the Edge Looking Out” is full of the energy of finality. Slow ambiance lulls behind electronic dance beats for a true experience-capper. 

Trail of the Contortionist is a structured journey through a mystical sonic space, and one that every EDM fan should discover for themselves.

For more music and news, check out Logwitch on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Facebook, or find him on his website and Twitter

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