Lollapalooza X Hip Hop: A Look Back

Bryan Montesano, 4 years ago
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Chicago’s Lollapalooza is one of the most renowned music festivals in the world. Created by Jane’s Addiction frontman, Perry Farrell, the multi-day concert incorporates artists of all genre’s in an effort to appeal to a broader audience.

There is however, one genre that hasn’t really gotten it’s props for the role that it’s played in the festivals revival and success. Historically, Hip Hop seems to have always been overlooked in Lollapaloozas past, but it is arguably also one of its biggest draws. The 2004 line-up, which had no Hip Hop artists listed on the bill, was cancelled due to poor ticket sales. Coincidence? Or is Hip Hop is an important piece to the Lollapalooza puzzle?

After seeing Lollapaloozas 2015 lineup, it’s appears as though the festival’s booking committee decided on the latter.

Check out more cool tidbits about the relationship between Hip Hop and Lollapalooza on the infographic below, courtesy of Spencer at

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