LU KALA – “No Smoke”

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Pop-powerhouse LU KALA breaks onto the NewSickMusic pages with her innovative feel good track “No Smoke”.

The light and bouncy “No Smoke” is a nod to the dance-inciting vibes of creatives like Dua Lipa and Jess Glynne. LU’s defined and distinct style is scattered throughout the track with honest lyrics, innovative production, and a catchy chorus. Weaving influence from pop-rock, electronic, and indie genres this new LU KALA track pairs a mighty message with a fun, lighthearted sound. Not to mention her killer vocals take it one notch further. 

“No Smoke’ is my fun yet ruthless anthem. I’m tired of letting bullshit men think they can play me. I hope everyone who listens to this song will stick to their standards & cancel anyone who tries to waste their time.”

It’s not just LU’s sound that is addicting and enticing – but her rebellious cause and confidence. While donning fiery orange hair to match her personality, LU KALA is redefining what it means to be a pop star. 

Listen to LU’s “No Smoke” above and stay on the look out for more from KALA as she gears up for the release of her debut EP.

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