Luh Kel – “Wrong” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 10 months ago
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Symptoms of heartbreak include: fast and slow thinking, escaping into memories, a need to get yourself moving, and a stark sense of emotional confusion. 

Luh Kel manages to bring each of these sensations to his track, “Wrong”. The song reacts to the loss of a relationship with nuanced smoothness and no shortage of passion. Luh Kel’s vocalizing slides into a quick-pace rap as a flute-like trill hovers above, then trickles into a concretely delicate piano riff.

The clip combines the literal and the sensory. Central Park is on display as Kel meanders in a reverie. Slow motion movement is used to heighten the mood, both in the ups and downs of the relationship. The track and video end with an abruptness that doesn’t release you, instead leaving traces of a melody in your head. 

“Wrong” is the first single from Luh Kel’s upcoming debut EP, which will be released with Cinematic Music Group. To hear more from Luh Kel, you can find him on his Instagram, SoundCloud, and on Twitter

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