Luxury – “You Must Change Your Life”

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 years ago
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Let’s get it out of the way: three of the five members of Luxury are Orthodox priests. Were they when they began making music in the early 1990s? Interestingly, no. Does it soften the melodic punk-ish excellence of the track above, titled “You Must Change Your Life”? Nope. In fact, if the news outlets weren’t so drawn to this quirk — and publicity-wise it’s working well for the band — you would probably never have guessed.

“You Must Change Your Life” is a dark and catchy tune with a strong electric guitar presence and a demand to be turned up. The Morrissey-esque vocal fills create a layered and expansive drive. The documentation of years passing and life changing is both relatable to the listener and something familiar to the band.

Luxury released their debut album with Tooth and Nail Records back in 1995, and then released three more albums over ten years before taking a ten year hiatus. Now, the band is back with Trophies — an album that seems already similar to that first celebrated release. Trophies is set to be released on the 25th of June.

To keep up with Luxury, check them out on their Facebook and Bandcamp pages.

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