@maestroharrell – Woke Up (Music Video)

JonFromJersey, 2 years ago
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You may recognize talented entertainer M A E S T R O from his various work on the big screens, starring in hit TV shows like The Wire, or classic movies like The Barbershop, but did you know he’s an equally talented music artist as well?

Kicking off his month of February in a mighty strong way, the Chicago native (now based in Los Angeles) hits fans with two brand new singles this month in “Which One Which” and his latest “Woke Up,” which he reveals the official video for this week. Waking up in bed with two beautiful women, M A E S T R O quickly shows viewers what a lavish lifestyle looks like for a young and free superstar. From smoking cigars, to partying in the kitchen and so much more, it’s hard to not want to be in M A E S T R O’s shoes at the moment.

Last week, M A E S T R O was featured on Noisey’s radio show on Beats 1, where they aired the aforementioned new singles and helped introduce him to the music world. Fans can expect a rapid release of new content from M A E S T R O in the very near future, so stay tuned! Don’t fret – his acting hasn’t gone anywhere either. You’ll see M A E S T R O back on the big screen very soon as well.

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