Man Made Time – “Insanity” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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The video for Man Made Time’s “Insanity” captures the feeling of being trapped inside your own mind with a startling simplicity. All set in a moving vehicle, the camera pans back and forth between the driver and the unwilling passenger, effectively mirroring the (seeming) simplicity of the delicate track for an emotionally overwhelming experience.

Man Made Time is an LA-based synth-pop duo who have taken a step in a more acoustic direction with “Insanity” — a song that pairs Hillary Grace’s lush vocals with Albert James Babanian’s writing. The clip features them both: Grace as the passenger who has to fight for her freedom and Babanian as the one who traps and accosts her. It’s haunting in its power imbalance, and the imagery gives the track a sinister feeling that only makes it remain with you longer.

Man Made Time have been releasing their original songs as well as their covers on Youtube. You can find them here, or find the duo on their website, iTunes, and Facebook page. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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