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Kaitlin Ruether, 3 weeks ago
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It isn’t just the repetition of the word “Interconnected” across the album cover that conveys unity on Mark Vickness Interconnected’s new record. Here you’ll find a collection of compositions sharing a sense of hope amongst discord. These instrumental pieces reach out for community, spreading a lush presence in the process. 

It’s been three years since Mark Vickness released his debut solo CD, Places, but the guitarist had grander ambitions for this project. With the help of his new ensemble, Interconnected, he has created a mix of solo songs and communal melodies. Interconnected consists of two time Grammy winning violinist, Mads Tolling, cellist Joseph Hebert, Dan Feiszli on upright and electric bass and tabla artist, Ty Burhoe.

“Interwoven” opens the album with a piece that hints at what is to come. There is a rich darkness here, pierced by the light of a violin. Even when the song shifts — as often occurs on this album — the threads find each other at the end, bringing the title to fruition. “Hot Apple Stuff” and its live reprise bring a rustic warmth. The celebratory tone feels like a mealtime celebration with those you love. This is a space of safety, and its happily repeated.

“For Every Child” was written for children who experience sexual abuse and certainly carries melancholy, but more essential is the element of hope and accompaniment. Accompanied, after all, is the antonym for alone. 

Vickness’s signature layered acoustic sounds pop up here and there through the album, giving balance to scope. These tracks feel more experimental, with “Bodega Blue” tilting towards blues and “One Day Over a Thousand” taking on a resonant gentleness. The latter was dedicated to all those who lost their lives to Covid-19 (as well as the artist’s friend Holli Ross), and has a listlessness evocative of something that is not over yet. 

To hear more from Mark Vickness, you can find him on his website, Spotify, and Facebook page.

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