Matt McGhee – “Flipmode” [Prod. Lakim, Matt McGhee & Allen Le Grand]

Paula Truscott, 4 years ago
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Matt McGhee’s new one will have you uncontrollably twerking faster than you can say ‘bitch, gimme some more!’ The Maryland rapper’s fittingly titled Flipmode is 3 parts fire and 1 part Ode to Busta Rhymes and his OG record label of the same name. Apart from the direct quote, even the beat (courtesy of Soulection’s Lakim, the man McGhee himself and Allen Le Grand) is reminiscent of Busta’s 1998 double platinum hit Gimme Some More, evoking a little bit of music-induced déjà vu and all sorts of nostalgic feels for those that grew up listening to ya boy Bus-a-Bus.

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