Maxx the Muffin Man – Every Summer Since (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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Eighteen-year-old Maxx the Muffin Man was saved by music, and he’s not afraid to talk about his experiences in his creation of music — hoping that what he creates has the power to help someone else. With a diverse vocal range, a revolving shift of tones, and some breathtaking beats to back him up, Maxx the Muffin Man’s Every Summer Since EP is a testament to what can be made when you love, truly love, what you’re doing.

Joined half-time by the smooth flow of C.O.B, Maxx delves into a journey that both places us in the immediate moment and exposes his inner thoughts, desires, and fears. Whether the song goes into something somber — as with the atmosphere of “Puff is Enough”, or the wordplay honesty of “See What Side” (the title is repeated with the word “suicide” until they bleed into each other) — or something more inspirational, as on “Every Summer Since” with its fantastic use of sampled backup, the candidness is palpable.

The strongest songs on the album are those that pair content with context — that is, the tracks that create a unified mood. The dreamy guitar of “Wishing the daze” sets a tone, and the restraint that Maxx uses when he raps here matches the chill — when the vocals become effected, it feels like a promise being made good on. A whole experience. “Adderall N Cigarettes” comes in heavy with emotion. The rawness of the voice is pushed forward by the intensity of the beat. Unity.

The final track on Every Summer Since is a perfect cap. “NOCHORUSNEEDED” is not overwhelming, but ends in a sort of garble that feels satisfying — as though Maxx has said what he needed to say and the rest is up to us. Before it ends, though, he entices us with the future: “My best is yet to come,” he spits. We can only look forward to it.

To hear more from Maxx the Muffin Man, you can find him on his SoundCloud and Facebook page. You can also follow him on Instagram.

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