Micah Williams – “Wild Youth” [NewSickMusic Premiere]

Anthony Wetmore, 4 years ago
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Micah Williams is an up and coming rapper on the edge of what’s new, a fresh face amid the many out there striving for relevance in an ever changing medium. “Wild Youth”, an NSM exclusive premiere, is a track off his upcoming Hike EP. The track evokes a feeling of darkness, beginning with the sounds of a gooey guitar and bass clip, snapping twigs and shuffling leaves giving way to a distressed cry out that falls perfectly into the deep, brooding beat. The drums and hi-hats round out a thick black heaviness that invokes a nervous tension felt by us all at one point or another within our lives. This perfectly compliments Williams’ subject matter: the confusion and excited nervousness of growing up in an unfamiliar and ever changing world.

Micah asks again and again “Hey, hey, how you feelin’ kids?” A hand out of the darkness looking to provide comfort as well as find a comfort himself. He colors the world around him with loud parties, concealed drug-use and the sweet welcoming shadows we all occasionally find a comfort in. Micah waxes philosophical on living in the age of technology, easy access, and off-the-cuff careless approach to growing up and embracing a facsimile of what one may think of as “adulthood”.  He shows us the duality of living both within this world of weird chaos as well as being self aware enough to proclaim “I’m not givin’ in” over the echoes of fame, shame, and hate. Whether of the self, the world at large or the struggle of coming up odd, Micah Williams is determined and is searching for a like minded person to ground and reassure him in his strength, as we all are, in one form or another. Check out the track above and be sure to keep an eye on Micah via Twitter and Soundcloud, he’s going to achieve big things from within the darkness.

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