Boston MC Michael Christmas treats us to creative visuals for one of the album's tracks, "Look Up / Save the Day." Watch it here.

Michael Christmas – Look Up / Save The Day [Video]

Natalie Barman, 4 years ago
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Boston MC Michael Christmas has already made a name for himself this year with the release of his promising freshman album, What A Weird Day. Now, the rising rapper treats us to creative visuals for one of the album’s tracks, “Look Up / Save the Day.” The video gives the song some additional depth: Christmas wanders through his neighborhood, meeting both trouble and friends with his easy-going smile. It’s an uplifting take on Christmas’ personal lyrics. The many frames shown include Christmas freely dancing on a basketball court, eating a burger at a barbecue, and twirling an oriental umbrella in a paddleboat. The video is as original as the song is good. Check it out above.

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