Mike Stud – “Shine” feat. Marcus Stroman

Ryan Pod, 2 years ago
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From releasing his album These Days to 3 nation wide tours to having his own TV show this summer, it’s more than clear that Mike Stud has had a rather preposterous year. As he continues to ride his wave, he returns with his brand new Marcus Stroman assisted single “Shine.”

While Marcus was in LA for a couple days Mike and Marcus got in the studio and this new heater was the result. What makes this collab so intriguing is that Marcus Stroman is known to be a close friend of Mike’s and also the fact that he’s also a very well known MLB pitcher. Mike Stud has a pretty big following from a variety of athletes around the globe, including a handful of professional athletes in which he’s befriended through out his career. This track should sit nicely with his fans and athletes alike around the world.

One thing to think about. It will be interesting to see where Mike goes from here. There are other athletes that have been known to be a fan of rap music, while also releasing their own music. How would a Dame Lillard  and Mike Stud song sound, or what about a Le’veon Bell x Mike Stud track? I guess only time will tell, but for now. Ya Neva Know.




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