Minus the Bear – “Last Kiss”

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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The pulsing synth that opens Minus the Bear‘s “Last Kiss” has a vaguely math-ish feel to it, so the choice to create a video that uses the geometric turning style of a kaleidoscope is pleasing and creates movement that accentuates the steady beat. In fact, each element of the video has a musical counterpart within the song: the bright colours work with the guitar riffs, while the silhouetted band members bring home the edginess that the piano line fuels.

But perhaps this is breaking down something that should be appreciated as a whole. The video is undoubtedly psychedelic. The images change and overlay more frequently as the song crescendos so the track is treated more as an experience — and it is. There is an underlying anxiety that is addictive and hones in on the feelings of the lost relationship. It’s a relatable depth, and the song holds steady against the tide of emotions.

Minus the Bear’s new album, VOIDS, is out now on Suicide Squeeze. You can find more from the band on their website and Twitter, or check out their Facebook page.

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