Missio – Missio (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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When an inspiring story meets developed, pure songs, the result is often nothing short of jaw dropping. Such is the case with Missio‘s debut EP, titled Missio, which is currently sweeping the alternative music scene. After becoming wrapped up in his concerns about the perceptions of others, Missio — or Matthew Brue — moved into an airstream trailer and wrote 52 songs free from judgment. His first EP shows off some of the incredible talent that came from that time. Have a listen by clicking above and see what I mean.

The first track, “I’ve Lost My Way” is a perfect introductory track to the EP. When Missio’s work is described as cinematic, it is swells like the ones that fill this song that come to mind. With delicate bells and a violin solo as shrouded and haunting as the vocals, a complete unity of effect is achieved. “Missio Dei” begins a three song set of tracks inextricable from wilderness. Like the dripping of water from a stalactite into a cave puddle, a synth gives us bearings before the song breaks out into the sunlight. “Who Do I Think I Am” is the most recent single from the album, and can be checked out over on Hype Machine. A definitive highlight — particularly vocally — repetitions of lyrics like “My roots have shattered” continue the natural theme of the EP. “I Run to You” was the first single, and is more simple in percussion, but no less powerful. A hook like a bird’s chirp keeps you deep within this one. The final track, “Monsters”, is pleasantly different, and shows Missio’s classical piano training at work. A whimsical and layered track, the gradual expansion allows for a fitting conclusion. A well rounded EP and an incredibly promising talent.

To keep up with Missio, check out his Facebook page, SoundCloud, and website for more from this Texas-based artist.



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