Missy Elliot – Work It (Stooki Sound Remix)

Lauren Bobek, 4 years ago
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My affinity for trap music was without a doubt driven by this duo from London. I still stand by the original way I felt about Stooki Sound—they are the musical geniuses that got me into trap and continue to release huge remixes that keep me loving it.

The thing I love about Stooki Sound is how they refrain to conform to the mainstream sounds of electronic trap music and to stick to their underground, unique sound.

And, as always, I’m not disappointed this time. I’d say the opposite.

In my book, this remix is almost spiritual in the world of trap music. Released a little over a week ago, it is by far my favorite out of all of the Missy Elliot’s “Work It” remixes. Beginning with an up-tempo synth, samples of Missy Elliot’s voice start joining into the song. The remix takes a darker-sounding turn and then hi-hats lead into the huge first drop around :57. The first drop is probably my favorite part, and afterwards follows up back into the dark vibe of the song.

Their North American tour, Infinity Tour, beings March 25. Check out the tour dates and get your tickets on their website (and maybe even cop some of their merch): http://www.stookisound.com/

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