moduS ponY – dandelion isle (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 years ago
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“I make music, some of it listenable,” proclaims the twitter account for moduS ponY (the name for Matt Ackerman’s experimental project). dandelion isle seems to say otherwise. The record is easy-to-swallow experimental, and I mean that in the best way. People who don’t always enjoy experimental music might find something to draw them into the genre within the repetitions and old-school samples, while experimental connoisseurs might relish the realization that “transactioN blisteR” seems to mimic the sounds of a cash register and automatic door welcome ping. Tracks like “shoes, shirts, servicE” are catchy in an almost hallucinatory way, yet showcase a deeply intelligent construction. I am reminded of Bob Dylan staring at a sign in an alley, forming an impromptu statement. It’s poetry, man.

But the highlight of the album comes in “nut-like flavoR” which catchily uses clips from public domain radio broadcasts to piece together meaning over chill, electronic acoustic sounds. You could listen to this track one hundred times and find some new meaning in it with each listen. “t.v. noiR” waves us out at the end of the album with its percussion heavy and windy ambience. We are left on a note of feeling, rather than knowing. A clever cliffhanger for what is yet to come.

To hear more from moduS ponY, check out the artist’s Facebook, SoundCloud and Bandcamp pages.


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