Christmas Hearts Club Band – “Merry Christmas Everyone”

Kaitlin Ruether, 12.04.17 @ 1:50pm EST
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Here is what I know about The Beatles when it comes to Christmas: As a gift to members of their fan clubs, The Beatles would release a Christmas song every...

Dylan Tauber – Sounds From Space (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 12.04.17 @ 1:25pm EST
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Sounds from Space is Dylan Tauber’s 12th album, and after pulling himself in an array of directions (music inspired by dolphins, projects that involve a visual art component, etc.) this...

Kenif Muse – “Shadie”

JonFromJersey, 12.02.17 @ 8:22pm EST
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“Shadie” finds Jersey-based recording artist Kenif Muse mesmerized by a woman with beauty and brains. We get to know more and more about this jaded mystery girl throughout the verses, courtesy of Kenif’s...

Mike Zombie – “Marshall Mathers Freestyle”

JonFromJersey, 12.02.17 @ 6:35pm EST
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Now residing in Los Angeles, New Jersey-bred producer/recording artist Mike Zombie is preparing for a major 2018. After co-producing Jhené Aiko‘s “Overstimulated” and Torii Wolf‘s “Pain Killer,” as well as being spotted working on new...

Schilly – “All Night” (Music Video)

JonFromJersey, 12.01.17 @ 3:59pm EST
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Philadelphia native, Schilly, was just released a groovy video for “All Night.” The song appeared on his Love, Schilly EP, and is directed and edited by Henry Grenier. Schilly drifts around the city, enjoying the night...

GRIZZ – “Hot Air Balloon” (Music Video)

JonFromJersey, 12.01.17 @ 1:39pm EST
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GRIZZ is back with another knockout visual. This time, the song being visualized is “Hot Air Balloon.” It’s a moody, slow-burning cut that shows off his knack for melodies and...

The RastaBroz – “Onion”

JonFromJersey, 12.01.17 @ 1:12pm EST
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The RastaBroz are a Dallas-based rap trio. Today, they are back, as SighRocSpliff and Space Jefe team up to bring their standout track “Onion” to life. Directed by Majestic Montage,...

Jordan Royale – “Material Things”

JonFromJersey, 12.01.17 @ 1:01pm EST
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His first major appearance was on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. After a few words from Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandell, and Piers Morgan, he kept moving and never looked back. 8 years...

Yung Dred ft. Jay Critch – “Selavi”

Yung Dred ft. Jay Critch – “Selavi”

JonFromJersey, 11.30.17 @ 8:26pm EST
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Releasing “Blue Strips” earlier this year, Yung Dred is back with another banger featuring rising Rich Forever star, Jay Critch. Recently finishing up a national tour, the duo recorded the...

Henry Metal – Metal O’Clock (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 11.27.17 @ 1:22pm EST
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So much of the power in metal, I have found, comes from live performances. The energy demands to be played loud, the passion requires movement — but the downfall in...

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