Nashaat Salman joins with John Lee Sanders to create lushness-infused dance track “Live it All my Way”

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 month ago
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The collaborative forces of Nashaat Salman and John Lee Sanders is nothing short of inspiring. Aptly, inspiration is the point of “Live it All my Way”, the single that will make you want to dance as much as it asks you to consider your life. 

Nashaat Salman produced, composed, arranged, and played on “Live it All my Way”. The Berkley-educated artist doesn’t just showcase his versatility by way of roles, but also in the song itself. Moving from classical piano ballad to electronic jam is no easy feat, but when the percussion drops, just try not to move. 

John Lee Sanders, himself an Emmy-nominated composer, lends his vocals to the track. The grit and rawness that he brings is perfectly tethered to the transitions within the song. The melody comes together in a rich blend of instrumentation, a drawn focus to how one should look on their own life, and no shortage of groove. 

“Live it All my Way” was released as three different versions: the original, a short version, and a karaoke version. For the full emotional ride, I can only recommend the complete song — which at under four minutes isn’t so long.

To hear more from Nashaat Salman, you can find him on his Instagram and Spotify page. You can also find John Lee Sanders on his website

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