Nature Ganganbaigal – The Mantra (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 years ago
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Here at New Sick Music, we are always on the lookout for musicians gifted with pure talent, but also for those who are moments away from making it big. Nature Ganganbaigal is one of those names. Not only has he won Pure M Magazine’s Best International Act of 2015, he has already been featured on MTV, Noisey, and The Huffington Post. Though he may not be striving for typical top 40 charts, the seemingly effortless way he can jump from genre to genre, from medium to medium — movie scores, trailers, commercials and video games to a highly praised Mongolian folk metal band, for example — gives this act a history loaded with practiced talent, just about to break through to the surface.

The Mantra feels like a passion project. There is so much emotional depth to these tracks. Joyful melodies interact with atmospheric chanting and a rumble that carries throughout. The album goes from joyous (“The Mantra”, “White Pony”) to dark and powerful (“Leader Wolf”) and effectively draws you in and wraps you up. Each song displays the ups and downs necessary to make an instrumental track work, such as the midway shift that takes place in “Leader Wolf”, becoming melodious and chase-like. “Ancient Gobi Road” carries all the history of its title in the wavering, haunting melody. The final — and best titled — track forays into the melancholy. “Life Rattles On” is perhaps the most modern sounding track on the EP, and it grows with the addition of strings and an ever increasing drum beat. The pick up of pace does not shift to happiness, but instead makes the sadness feel more real, more immediate. There is, however, an optimistic end. We are left feeling at peace with the track, and understanding of the title. Life, it just rattles on.

The Mantra was released July 1st, 2015. To keep up with this immense talent, check out Nature Ganganbaigal’s Facebook page, Bandcamp, and website for more music and news.

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