The Naveblues – “Thank You” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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Harmonica virtuoso Nave Pundik is bringing a new kind of blues music to Norway’s music scene. After success with the video for his original track, “Sexy Kiss”, Nave looked to a new kind of challenge: a blues spin on classic rock. Taking Led Zeppelin’ s track “Thank You” and finding a compelling new story embedded in the words, The Naveblues brings narrative and blues together in his latest video.

The video for “Thank You” shows the story of a settler on Mars. Within one minimalist-furnished room, we watch as the settler comes to terms with the emotions of being such a pioneer. The song becomes more than about a relationship, and instead expresses love for the earth itself, and for adventure. Among the items she has with her is a harmonica, which is shown just before Nave Pundik breaks into a breathtaking harmonica solo, giving the guitar a run for its money.

Without losing the nostalgic quality of the original track, The Naveblues manage to bring electric blues style to the song, and the last image of the video — the settler looking out across a Mars landscape with both hope and longing — sums up the track in a single, perfect visual.

To hear more from The Naveblues, check out the website, Facebook, and reverbnation pages. You can also follow Nave on twitter for more updates.


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