Neck – “Black”

Paula Truscott, 4 years ago
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Having only recently been privy to his works, when I heard the track Oh Yeah last week, I knew nothing of this beatsmith named Neck except that what I was hearing was smooooooooooth, and totally giving me warm and cozy feelings of 90’s hip-hop nostalgia. Stumbling on his brand newbie Black in my Soundcloud stream, the good first impression was confirmed and I perhaps had my first piece of information regarding the producer’s profile. Typing “Neck” in Google yielded many irrelevent search results, so instead I just enjoyed the smooth combo of sounds in Black, jampacked with jazzy hip-hop vibes and a vocal sample that he “couldn’t resist“. Upon further investigation I’ve learned that he’s from Hungary, he plays the trumpet (it all makes sense now!) and Elaquent‘s a fan, man!

Need a sexy playlist for Saturday night? Say no more. Stream his EP’s Long Gone and Can’t Get here.

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