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Ryan Pod, 3 years ago
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When it comes to finding new music on the internet, it’s hard to stick out in a crowd because there are so many people out their right now trying to make music. With that being said, those who have a passion for music like myself take pride in finding the unknown talent that’s out there… Insert The Sleeping Sounds, a 3 piece band out of Cleveland, Ohio composed of Zach Daniels, (vocals) Anthony Lauletta (guitar/keys) and Mike LaSpina also (guitar/keys.) Originally, they gathered my attention a couple weeks back with the release of their music video for their single “Figure It Out.” Today I had the privilege of interviewing The Sleeping Sounds a few days prior to their EP release Desire. Check out my interview with them below and be sure to check out their new EP on iTunes and via Spotify below.

What’s going on Sleeping Sounds? Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us. 

Anthony: Definitely man! Glad to chat.

Let’s get it started. How did you guys meet and where are you guys from?

Zach: We all grew up in Cleveland, and we’ve all been pretty involved in the music scene here. We’ve definitely known each other from a distance for a while.

Anthony: Yeah, it’s funny there was this actually this party some people here in the scene put together—we were all just writing music on our own, and started talking about it. We all had very similar.

What made you guys click and decide let’s make a band out of this and think we might have something here?

Mike: Actually after that party where we all sort of officially met, we started hanging, and that eventually led to writing. The vibes were just there honestly, without even saying it, we all had the same vision—both sonically and for our purpose in music. Writing felt like a very natural collaboration for us.

What inspires you guys to make music? 

Mike: Our inspiration truthfully, is just the fact that I don’t think any of us know what else we would do if we weren’t involved with music somehow…

Zach: Yeah, I definitely agree with that. There’s just something that draws us all in—and I think that’s really what holds us together as a band.

What artists or bands do you guys draw inspiration from? 

Anthony: I think we all draw a lot of inspiration from older music—me specifically, 80’s pop culture and music is my biggest inspiration in songwriting. Artists like Prince, Earth, Wind & Fire, Phil Collins are huge for me. As a guitar player, I draw a lot of inspiration specifically from Nile Rodgers/CHIC.

Mike: I have always loved a wide range of music so much so that its hard for me to think about specific artists. I have found that the music that may speak to me isn’t as powerful as the music that i feel speaks about me. The artists that i can relate to the most are the ones who create the music that makes me feel like they are telling a story that i have already lived.

Who are The Sleeping Sounds? What do you guys stand for? Meaning behind the name.

Zach: The name ‘The Sleeping Sounds’ comes from us wanting to give people an escape from reality through our music. We want to create music that minds can absorb and enjoy just like a dream.

Who are you guys dying to work with today? What about a dream collaboration?

Anthony: We all listen to a ton of hip-hop, and we’re stoked on the new Gambino record. Migos too. I’d love to bring hip-hop into the mix in general.


Let’s talk a little bit about your music now since people really got a chance to know you now. 

I was really impressed with your video for “Figure it Out.” What was the inspiration behind that song/video?

Mike: Thanks so much man!

Anthony: The song is actually about a girl that I dated. She was always getting caught up with the wrong people and bad situations, but she had these huge dreams for what she wanted to do with her life. The video tells that story really well.

Zach: Ned Ingalls, who directed the video, did a seriously incredible job of bring the song and that story to life. The whole story arc was even more in-depth than we could have imagined. He knew exactly what we wanted!

Anthony: So did our photogapher, Lily McLaughlin. She created this whole gallery of photos during the making of the video that told the story through photos. It was so sick! She’s been with us through the whole creative process and does all of our artwork.

You guys just dropped a brand new 4 track EP, what can you tell people reading about the creative process? 

Anthony: We were all going through very similar experiences with people that mattered to us at the time. People we loved. We wanted to break these experiences down into a bigger concept. Love as a concept was the true inspiration behind these songs. Sometimes a darker love, sometimes sex, lust, you name it. They’re all different stories about the larger concept of love.

Zach: It was super important for all of us to be physically together in the same room when writing the songs. We are all really good at picking up and morphing ideas another one of us sort of starts.

What was your guys favorite song to make off of the project? 

Zach: “Figure It Out” was cool because it was the first one we wrote together. I had so much built up creativity from not being super active playing music for the few years prior.

Anthony: I definitely feel that! My favorite though was probably “Desire.” That was one for me that sort of allowed me to open up my influences—a lot of 80’s-inspired guitar work.

Mike: “It’s Love” for sure. Baby makin’ music! [laughs]

What’s next for The Sleep Sounds that you can tell us about? Merch? Tour? New Music? Give us some details.

Zach: We just released the first—of many to come—custom merch pieces! We custom distress, bleach and ignite the shirts to give them a unique look.

Anthony: The whole merchandise thing is an extension of our story for sure—especially all of the stories on the ‘Desire’ EP.

Anything else that you’d like to tell the people reading?

Anthony: Do what love, man. Regardless of what people think, and regardless of fear. I think that’s the best advice I’ve ever been given, and that’s why we’re all here in this band together. We’re building our future off of what we love. I think everyone should do the same.

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