New Video: Christian Rose “Revenge”

Ryan Kwiecinski, 2 years ago
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Christian Rose. About a year ago is when I first came across his music and I could tell then it was something special. With a unique sound and bold lyrics to combine it with, I became hooked. Throughout the rest of 2017, I watched Rose deliver great song after great song. When I first heard “Revenge,” I knew this song was something to watch out for. Simply said, no one is doing what Christian Rose is doing. With that being said, I present Christian Roses’ music video for “Revenge.”

This dark and eery clip suits the song in such a good way that the only way to truly experience this song is by watching the music video for “Revenge.” It is truly such a great video that I have been finding myself watching and rewatching it. The imagery is immaculate, so I really commend Christian Rose on this. Watch “Revenge” now!

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