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Bryan Montesano, 4 years ago
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New Jersey recording artist and #NSM first-timer, King Faro, is ready to make some noise in 2016. Coming off the POWER 105.1  premiere of his track “Stay”, Faro’s been steady making moves and has no intention of slowing down. Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with the R&B newcomer and get to know more about who he is and what he’s trying to do. Only 5 months of releasing music and the hype around King Faro is real, so don’t sleep on the kid and check out our full exclusive interview below:

Bryan: Who is King Faro? How would you describe yourself to those unfamiliar with your music?

King Faro: First off, thanks for having me! I appreciate the opportunity. My music is a reflection of my emotions and my ideas. I think music is all about vibes and energy and you can definitely feel that in my songs. I’m just another voice trying to shift the culture and create a new wave of artistry. If you’re into catchy melodies and relatable lyrics I think you’d definitely rock out with me haha.

Bryan: How did you get started with music? What’s your earliest memory?

King Faro: About a year and a half ago I was working with my brothers “Trufam” doing a lot of song writing and recording demos for producers and artists. I started to develop my own sound in the process and people were really messing with it so I decided to release my first track “AutoLove” which was featured on AllDefDigital, shoutout to Amir Abbassy too man he was the one of the first people to support the sound and really give me a chance. But I’ve always loved music. I used to make beats as well.

Bryan: How has your style and work ethic changed from your early beginnings to now? If you could give any advice to your younger self, what would you say?

King Faro: I can feel myself growing each and everyday. I remember last summer I was in the studio every single day knocking out records and really trying to further develop my sound. My schedule is a little more hectic now than it was a year ago so I’m working much harder now, but it’s still all fun. I would tell my younger self to never doubt himself. Knowing what I know now I can honestly say there’s nothing more important than believing in yourself and your music because if you don’t no one else will.

Bryan: Who are your influences both musically and non-musically ?

King Faro: I’m a big PartyNextDoor and Ty Dolla $ign fan. As far as technique and quality of music, those guys really inspire me. Obviously Kanye is a huge influence just by what he’s done for not only my generation but for the generation before me. I’m a big fashion guy so outside of music, anyone who takes dressing as serious as I do inspires me haha.

Bryan: If you could pick any song to describe your lifestyle right now, what would you pick?

King Faro: That’s a great question haha. I think right now Roy Woods – Get You Good describes my life perfectly. I deal with a lot of females and you know that already comes with a ton of problems but also a lot of benefits haha. If you listen to the lyrics of that song you will understand.

Bryan: What was it like hearing your song on the radio for the first time?

King Faro: It was unreal! It’s one thing to know you’re on the radio but to actually hear it is just an amazing experience. Being on the radio was always something I dreamed of but honestly never imagined would happen this soon. The first time I heard it I was actually in the car with a girl I was talking to so I mean it couldn’t get much doper than that haha. Much love to DJ Envy for putting that record on man, I’m glad he fucks with the sound and the movement.

Bryan: If you could work with anyone in the industry right now, who would you pick?

King Faro: I would love to work with Travis Scott or Metro Boomin right now. Those two dudes are geniuses when it comes to production. MadeInTyo is dope too. I hope I can get a track with him soon.

Bryan: For those who haven’t heard you before, what song do you recommend people check out? Any favorites?

King Faro: Stay is one of my favorite songs. I think it represents what I’m trying to accomplish sonically. Also Ballroom x is another song that you will hear and start to understand what King Faro is about.

Bryan: What’s your writing process like?

King Faro: I work with a writing team which includes myself. All the people I work with are on the same level creatively as I am so it’s easy to create music when we’re all just vibing out. My music is all about telling relatable stories that most of the time I’ve experienced first hand or someone I know has.

Bryan: What do you have lined up for the future? Any new projects/tour dates we should be aware of?

King Faro: Im doing TRILLFEST which is coming up March 25th. I’m pretty excited about this show! A lot of people from my city and my state (Jersey) are going to be there so I’m ready to rock out with all of them. They’ve honestly been my biggest supporters so I plan on giving them a good show. I also have a couple new tracks dropping, “Money” and “Hotel Party”. Those are two songs that I think are going to get some real good feedback.



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