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Bryan Montesano, 4 years ago
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Indianapolis, Indiana’s up-and-coming hip-hop artist, Ozzie. made his #NSM debut back in April with the release of his track “Down”. Since then, he’s been putting in work on a brand new mixtape entitled NOMOREAPOLOGIES, which dropped a couple of months ago. I had the opportunity to talk with Ozzie. about who he is as an artist and his inspiration for the project. Check out what he had to say below!
Bryan: Why don’t we start by talking a bit about your background. Who is Ozzie.? How did you get into music?
Ozzie. :  I started doing music in general around 10 years old. My Uncle used to make beats for these local rappers and I wanted to get into it but he never showed me how to use FL studio, so I spent a couple years trying to figure that out. I really just wanted to be a producer but nobody would rap up on my beats at the time so around my 12th birthday I got a flip camera and my cousin told me to rap. I couldn’t think of anything so after that it sparked a flame that maybe I should do both.
Bryan: At what point did you realize music was more than just a hobby to you?
Ozzie. : When my talents increased rapidly and I started seeing a  growth in somewhat of an audience on Soundcloud that I’m still trying to increase every day.
Bryan: Who are some of your early influences? Both musically and non-musically.
Ozzie. : Prince, Bruce Lee, Kanye West, Steve Jobs, Goku, One Punch Man, Naruto.
Bryan: You first came onto my radar with your track “Scrub”, which has amassed over 80k listens on soundcloud. Talk about that song. What’s the story behind it and what’s your reaction to all the listens been?
Ozzie. : It’s a little cliché but when I dropped the song I didn’t know it was going to be that song. It’s my hometown favorite other than “Hook Up” that was on the NOMOREAPOLOGIES project. The story behind it is just the purgatory of a relationship because you’re stuck in a stage where you don’t want to rush into it but you still want it more than ever, so you do all you can to prove to them that you’re the one.
Bryan: To follow up “Scrub”, you recently dropped your full-length project NOMOREAPOLOGIES. What’s the story with this project?
Ozzie. : No More Apologies, I cant play the nice guy no more. I gotta start showing my muscle because I gotta get my shine even if I gotta take it by force. I refuse to be slept on this year.
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Bryan: What went into the creation of NOMOREAPOLOGIES and how does it differ from what you’ve made in the past? I see you produced it yourself. Is that typical for you or something new you tried out?
Ozzie. :  The process was new to me. I wanted to do something different but still have fun doing it. I was listening to a lot of trap influence songs from MadeInTyo, Trill Sammy, and all those dudes. I was like “what if I use the same formula but with my style?”. My recording process was to come up with a catchy hook, mumble the words and then fill them in.
Bryan: How does the writing process typically work for you? 
Ozzie. : Throughout my day, literally man I’ll just hear lines in my head and I write it in my notes before I forget. Or I make a beat and just wait till I can come up with something dope.
Bryan: What do you want listeners to take away from NOMOREAPOLOGIES?
Ozzie. : All my music is relatable and you don’t have to come from sleeping with roaches, or cussing every line to be dope. You can do everything ya self.
Bryan: What’s your favorite track off the project?
Ozzie. : “Hook Up”.
Bryan: Have you gotten to play any shows recently? What kind of energy do you like to bring to your set?
Ozzie. : Yeah I did one bout a week ago (humble plug) #freebobbyshmurda. And they’re all SUPER high energy and a fun experience for the people who show up.
Bryan: What’s it like to perform brand new songs?
Ozzie. : When the crowd mess with it so much that they think they know the words, it’s funny but tight.
Bryan: If you could go on tour with anyone, who would you want to tour with?
Ozzie. : Ty Dolla $ign, IAMSU!, Childish Gambino, Chance The Rapper.
Bryan: A lot of great music has been released so far this year. What’s Ozzie. rocking with?
Ozzie. : Frank Ocean’s new album.
Bryan: Now that NOMOREAPOLOGIES is released, what’s next?
Ozzie. :  Act Like You Love Me, The album is done, but I just won’t release it, but I will put out another EP and some music from the other artists under the Generation Y collective.
Bryan: To wrap things up, what do you want to say to people who’ve never heard of Ozzie. before? Why should they check you out?
Ozzie. : Jump on the bandwagon now, support the positivity that should be pushed into the world and enjoy the music. We all have a story but not everyone has the voice to tell it,  I just want to be the voice of this generation the right way.
You can stream NOMOREAPOLOGIES here!
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