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Ryan Pod, 5 years ago
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Who is Rory Fresco? That’s a question that some of you might be pondering upon as you read this. I was in your shoes asking myself the same question until a little over a month ago. I was on SoundCloud jamming out to Kanye’s “New Friends” and Rory’s song came on immediately after. I was really wondering, who is this? How come I’m just hearing this song for the first time? This song is so catchy and has just a great vibe to it, that I couldn’t stop listening to it.” Insert 1.4 Million plays and here we are today. Most of you are honestly thinking, “Wow, how did this guy get so lucky? Is he just a one-hit wonder?” Let me tell you, with songs like “Crazy How Life Go,” and “Watch Me,” he proves to listeners that we should be ready for more good music in the near future.  Do yourself a favor and get to know Rory a little better by reading our conversation below.

Ryan: For the people out there that are unfamiliar, who is Rory Fresco?

Rory: “I make my own music, I record in my basement, I just want to show the world what Rory can do… That’s basically my mission.”

Ryan: How old are you and where are you from?

Rory: “I’m 18 years old. Just turned 18 this past November actually. I’m from Kansas City, Missouri.”

Ryan: Being that young, are you currently enrolled in school?

Rory: Yeah… I currently go to a community college.

Ryan: Gotcha, How has being from Kansas City influenced as a person/rapper growing up?

Rory: “I was never really out in the city. I would say more just that I was more influenced within myself. Just hearing other artists who aren’t even from KC. Tech N9NE being from here is a big inspiration, of course. There’s just other artists that I get inspiration from. Just being here, the atmosphere, the tourism spots and everything else.”

Ryan: For your average listener, Kansas City doesn’t sound like a power city that would be popping off, but you guys have a really underrated scene out there. What is it like coming up in KC? What is the scene like right now?

Rory: “I really think that it’s growing, getting bigger. We have some cool artists and some cool events going on out here. It’s definitely evolving.”

Ryan: Switching things up a bit.. Who would you say is your dream collaboration would be? 

Rory: “Michael Jackson”

Ryan: Can’t go wrong there… What about an artist today?

Rory: “Probably Jay-z”

Ryan: What inspired you to create the dope music that you’ve been creating?

Rory: “At first I made my own beats. Just the lack of placement that I was getting with other artists- that kind of inspired me to start showcasing my beats and my skills as an artist myself.”

Ryan: With that being said, I just want to say congrats on all of the success that you have achieved so far. What and how has life changed since “Lowkey” went viral? Has anyone reached out to you or even family members?

Rory: “Thanks I really appreciate it… I mean there’s been things going on, but I’ve just been focusing on the music, just working on a better follow up and better releases for the future. Just trying to capitalize on what happened. I guess you can say things have changed, but I haven’t been really paying attention to it too much.”

 Ryan: What’s next for Rory Fresco that you can share with us?

Rory: “A little bit of everything actually. Touring, merchandise, new music, visuals. You’re going to see a lot in the next couple months.”

Ryan: Lastly, is there anything that you want to say to anyone out there reading?

Rory: “That I appreciate anyone out there who’s listening and I appreciate you showing interest and wanting to interview me. It’s a real blessing.”



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